Disrupting mobility hackathon 2015

theme: Urban Autonomous Delivery 

November 6-8, 2015


The Disrupting Mobility Hackathon 2015 will be about creating your own concepts for an Urban Autonomous Delivery system that moves goods, services, or people within a city.


The application of urban autonomous delivery is wide ranging. The six focus areas for this Hackathon are:

  1. Moving people (Seniors, people without a driver’s licence, drunk drivers, distracted drivers)

  2. Small packages (max. 17.88" x 12.38" x 3", e.g., Electronics/Books/small Furniture)

  3. Food & Beverages (Fit to temperature requirements)

  4. City Services (Garbage collection, street cleaning, street maintenance, parking tickets)

  5. Medical Services (Focus on safety, cleanliness)

  6. Disaster/Emergency Handling (Fire, Police, natural disasters)

During the event there will be a series of one-hour seminars where you can learn about sensors, controls, prototyping and fabrication, platforms, and programming. Prior to the event, a set of online tutorials will be provided on our website.


Expected Deliverables
Your team’s creative output could be in the form of mock-ups, working prototypes, virtual models (animation, video), graphics (renderings, infographics), simulation models, business and operational models. Hackathon kits will be provided during the event to assist you in your projects. Participants are welcome to bring any additional hardware, software, or other materials and components to the Hackathon.  


Evaluation criteria
Each team will present their concepts to a panel of expert judges at the end of the Hackathon starting at 2pm on Sunday, November 8th.

The judges will evaluate your project based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity, 20%

  • Feasibility, 20%

  • Scalability, 20%

  • User experience, 20%

  • Originality, 20%

Winners of the hackathon will be awarded prizes at the end of the event and will be given the opportunity to make a short presentation during the Disrupting Mobility Summit on November 12th.


This 48-hour Hackathon is open to university students and professionals. Participants are welcome to join from academia, government, and industry. We invite participants from the U.S. and abroad to attend this event. You can sign-up as a team (2 to 4 people) or register alone. Participants registering alone will be organized into small teams at the start of the event. There is a $20 registration fee per person for this event. The Hackathon will provide food during the event -- Evening of Nov 6th (snacks), Breakfast/lunch/dinner on Nov 7th, Breakfast/Lunch on Nov 8th. Registration information is below:



More Information
For more information including schedules, venue, and FAQs please go here