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All events at MIT Media Lab unless otherwise noted (Media Lab Building, E14 - 674, 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, 02139, MA). 



Kick-off reception at Zipcar headquarters (35 Thomson Place; Boston, MA 02210) 
*Space limited to 150 registrants on a first come, first serve basis. 




Registration & Breakfast (E14-6th floor lobby)


Event Welcome (E14-674)

Ryan Chin, MIT Media Lab
Florian Lennert, InnoZ
Philipp Rode, LSE
Susan Shaheen, U.C. Berkeley

Master of Ceremony: Greg Lindsay, New Cities Foundation


Disrupting Mobility (Keynote Session, E14-674) 

This keynote will set the stage for the conference discussing megatrends disrupting mobility. Topics highlighted will include globalization, megaregions, urbanization, demographic shifts, and climate change.

Dan Doctoroff, Sidewalk Labs
Kent Larson, MIT Media Lab
Victor Mendez, U.S. Department of Transportation
Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab  

Moderator: Greg Lindsay, New Cities Foundation


Coffee Break (E14-6th floor lobby)


Technology Disrupting Mobility (E14-674)

This session examines the role of technology disrupting mobility. Topics may include the role of autonomous and connected vehicles, mega logistics, social networking, and smartphone apps.

Guy Fraker, AutonomousStuff
Donald High, Walmart
Sertac Karaman,  MIT Aero/Astro
Gabe Klein, Fontinalis Partners
David Mahfouda, Bandwagon

Moderator: Greg Lindsay, New Cities Foundation


Lunch (E14-6th floor lobby)


Innovating to Zero (Parallel Session, E14-633)

Global decarbonization requires the sustainable transformation of both energy and transport systems. This session explores the potential of disruptive technologies and services to enable ubiquitous zero-emissions smart mobility.

Philipp Bouteiller, Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic
Marcus Coester, Aeromovel                                                         
Lawrence Frank, University of British Columbia
Aaron Gowell, SilverRail Technologies
Philipp Rode, LSE
Max Schwitalla, Studio Schwitalla
Shoshana Zuboff, Harvard Business School

Moderator: Florian LennertInnoZ


Social Trends Disrupting Mobility (Parallel Session, E14-674)

Generational differences, lifestyle shifts, geo-socialization, and social technologies are increasingly impacting how we socialize, communicate and travel. This session focuses on these socio-demographic shifts coupled with technological changes disrupting consumers' mobility and consumption choices.

Paul DeLong, car2go
Tony Dutzik, Frontier Group
Colin Hughes, ITDP – Bikesharing perspective
Shomik Mehndiratta, Uber
Zachary Wasserman, Via
Erika Young, T4America

Moderator: Susan Shaheen, U.C. Berkeley


Coffee break (E14-6th floor lobby)


Disrupting Cities (Keynote Session, E14-674)

Edward Glaeser, Harvard University
Adam Greenfield, Urbanscale

Moderator: Philipp Rode, LSE


Transforming Cities: Implications for an Urban Age (Parallel Session, E14-674)

This session discusses implications for global urbanization and urban change that may emerge as a result of disruptive changes of mobility and transport systems. Specifically, it will consider how urban policy makers and planners may have to respond in the present to best equip cities for the changes to come.

Edward Glaeser, Harvard University
Adam Greenfield, Urbanscale
Philipp Rode, LSE  
Janette Sadik-Khan, Bloomberg Associates
Anthony Townsend, Bits + Atoms

Moderator: Greg Lindsay, New Cities Foundation


Access & Mobility to Cross Income, Digital, and Land Use Divides (Parallel Session, E14-633)

This session focuses on a variety of environmental justice and equity issues pertaining to the access and mobility of special needs populations such as, but not limited to low-income, older adults, disabled, single parents, and zero vehicle households.

Tilly Chang, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
Matt Caywood, Transit Screen
Ryan Johnson, Enterprise
Jeffrey Maltz, SilverRide
Jenny O'Brien, Hopista
Douglas Shinkle, National Conference of State Legislatures

Moderator: Gerry Tierney, Perkins + Will


Posters session (E14-ground floor lobby)

More information can on the poster session can be found here.


Reception with award ceremony for Best Posters and Hackathon winners and book announcement (E14-6th floor lobby)  Hackathon Award presented by: Nicolas Zimmer, Technology Foundation Berlin




Mobility and the Sharing Economy (E14-674)

This session discusses the role of technology as it empowers individuals and institutions to share and redistribute excess capacity of goods and services. Topics include collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer products and services, and other emerging social trends and technologies.

Bob Burns, B-Cycle
Emily Castor, Lyft
Steve Carroll, RideScout
Amanda Eaken, NRDC
Matt George, Bridj
Justin Holmes, Zipcar

Moderator: Tim Papandreou, San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency                                                                                               


Coffee Break (E14-6th floor lobby)


Governing for Disruption (E14-674)

This session focuses on the legal issues, policies, and best practices around governing, taxing, and regulating disruptive technologies.

John Clippinger, MIT Media Lab & Berkman Center
Nigel Jacob, City of Boston
Paul Mackie, Mobility Lab
Peter Marx, City of Los Angeles
Chris Osgood, City of Boston
Bob Sheehan, U.S. DOT
Vincent Valdes, U.S.F.T.A 

Moderator: Greg Lindsay


Designing for Disruption (E14-674)

This session discusses the role of design in the creation of future mobility systems.

Introductions: Florian Lennert, InnoZ
Raffaello D'Andrea, ETH Zurich
Mitchell Joachim, TerreForm ONE  

Moderator: Ryan Chin, MIT Media Lab


Moving Beyond Disruption (Conference Conclusion, E14-674)

Introduction: Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley
Kaye Ceille, Zipcar
Closing Remarks: Greg Lindsay, New Cities Foundation


Lunch (E14-6th floor lobby)


Company visits and campus tours (optional)
*Sign-up required at registration on November 12th.


Disrupting Mobility Summit Poster Session 


Adams, V. “Connected Biking and the Connected City: A State of the Practice Assessment”
Presented by Sudeeksha Murari, Booz Allen Hamilton

Baez, C. “The Disruption of the Private Vehicle and Rideshare Markets via Price Discrimination.”
Presented by Carlos Baez, University of California, Santa Barbara 

Caywood, M., et. al. “UrbanMobilityScore: Quantifying Multimodal Transportation Access”
Presented by Matthew Caywood, TransitScreen

Ciari, F. and H. Becker. “How Disruptive Can Shared Mobility Be? A Scenario-based Evaluation of Shared Mobility Systems Implemented at Large Scale.”
Presented by Francesco Ciari, ETH Zurich

Davidson, A. “Data Exhaust from App-based Trip-Planners for Travel Surveys”
Presented by Adam Davidson, CUNY Graduate Center

Davidson, A. “The Impact of Information Communication Technology on Transport Decision Making: A Qualitative Study”
Presented by Adam Davidson, CUNY Graduate Center

Dinning, M. and T. Weisenberger. “Multimodal Payments Convergence – the Key to Delivering Seamless Mobility”
Presented by Michael Dinning, US DOT/Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Feigon, S. “Shared Mobility Trends and Transit”
Presented by Tim Frisbie, Shared-Used Mobility Center

Ferreras, L. “iTRANS:  Intelligent Transportation System to optimize mobility with V2X Technology and ITS Software”
Presented by Luis Ferreras, Parsons Transportation Group

Fine, S. "Everything Old Is New Again: Developing a Policy Response to Jitneys." Presented by Tilly Chang, San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Fischer, I. “Do Autonomous Vehicles Need Ethics?”
Presented by Igor Fischer, University Hospital Duesseldorf

Fischer, I. “Passenger Owner Matching with AVs?”
Presented by Igor Fischer, University Hospital Duesseldorf

Garcia-Verdugo, L. “Mobilescapes: A New Frontier for Urban and Vehicle Design”
Presented by Lino Vital, Nissan Technical Center Europe

Gould, J. “Future Mobility for Seniors: Deft but Disruptive”
Presented by Jane Gould, Aging in Suburbia

Henao, A. and W. Marshall. “Comparing Google Maps, Actual Driving Times, and Ridesourcing”
Presented by Alejandro Henao, University of Colorado

Herdtle, C. “Integrating Car-Sharing into a Medium-Sized City’s Housing Project”
Presented by Carolin Herdtle, University of Stuttgart

Iacobucci, J. “Transit Systems and The Impacts of Shared Mobility”
Presented by Joseph Iacobucci, Sam Schwartz Engineering

Jain, S. et. al. “Exploring Susceptibility of Shared Mobility in Urban Space”
Presented by Ronny Kutadinata, University of Melbourne

Karim, D. “Innovative Mobility Master Plan: Connecting Multimodal Systems with Smart Technologies”
Presented by Dewan Karim, City of Toronto

Kutadinata, R. et. al. “Shared, Autonomous, Connected and Electric Urban Transport”
Presented by Ronny Kutadinata, University of Melbourne

Lisson, C. “What Drives the Usage of Multimodal Mobility Services? A Unifying Approach”
Presented by Christopher Lisson, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Millonig, A. “Sharing is Daring: Societal Challenges of Disruptive Mobility”
Presented by Alexandra Millonig, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Navidikashani, Z. et. al.” Disruptive Effects of Demand Responsive Transport Systems on Mobility”
Presented by Ronny Kutadinata, University of Melbourne

Niles, J. and B. Grush. “Creeping Toward a Workable Urban Infrastructure for Robo-Cars”
Presented by John Niles, Grush Niles Associates

Ronald, N. et. al. “Optimizing Shared On-Demand Passenger and Goods Mobility”
Presented by Ronny Kutadinata, University of Melbourne

Schechtner, K. and M. Hanson. “Shared Mobility in Asian Megacities: The Case of Metro Manila”
Presented by Katja Schechtner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanley, M. “Mobility as a Service" with an Ultra­Light Elevated Transit Network”
Presented by Mike Stanley, TransitX

Tierney, T. “Transit-Oriented Developments: Optimized, On-Demand, and Networked”
Therese Tierney, University of Illinois

Wang, Y. et. al. “How Much is Trust: The Cost and Benefit of Ridesharing with Friends”
Presented by Ronny Kutadinata, University of Melbourne

Wilhelms, M. and S. Henkel. “Understanding the Peers in Peer-to-Peer Carsharing: What Motivates Participants? What Concerns Non-Users”
Presented by Mark-Philipp Wilhelms, EBS University

Yousuf, M. et. al. “Accessible Transportation Technology Research Initiative.”
Presented by Bob Sheehan, Federal Highway Administration